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Merry Christmas


This is the 3rd and last CNL edition for the Year 2000, and we hope you will receive it (if you subscribe to the paper version) just in time for Christmas !

Contrary to our usual habits, and because the contribution deadline was too early to print a definitive version fully approved by the management, you will not find in this edition the plans concerning the annual CERN shutdown. All necessary information for the users will be printed in the Weekly Bulletin as soon as the details have been finalised.

However much important information is part of this edition, and specifically let me emphasize:

I am sure that all other contributions, in more specific areas, will interest our readers, and I thank the authors for devoting their time to provide useful input for our NewsLetter.

None of our readers have probably noticed that next February (strictly speaking February 15th, 2001) will be the 35th anniversary of the CNL! For this reason we propose to set the next deadline for contributions on that date, in order to celebrate this birthday. A call for special contributions will be launched, aiming at a mono-graphic issue (2001-001 - Millenium Edition and 35th birthday). We will welcome and encourage contributions from the technical staff having been longer at CERN, who can offer their own (and personal) vision on the evolution of Computing throughout these years.

Let me just finish this editorial by wishing you, as shown by the picture at the top, a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nicole Crémel,
CNL Editor, IT/User Support

Vol. XXXV, issue no 3

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