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Engineering news, EDMS for electronics

Nils Høimyr, Ludwig Pregernig , IT/CE


The CERN Engineering Data Management System (EDMS) allows engineers at CERN and collaborating institutes to store their data in a structured manner. Originating from mechanical engineering and the project management of the LHC accelerator and experiments, EDMS is now also available for electronics engineering.

Computing Support for Engineering in the IT/CE group handles the application and server support for a number of Electronic- and Mechanical CAE tools as well as data management with EDMS. For more information about the CE services, please consult the IT/CE homepage.

EDMS as a CERN-Wide service

The EDMS service is responsible for the management of the engineering and equipment data management tools of the Laboratory, extending from the applications level to the database management systems level and the operational support of the servers running these applications.

The service is provided by a collaborative effort between EST and IT divisions.

The main objective is to provide CERN with an integrated and reliable Engineering and Equipment Data Information Systems. EDMS strongly supports the sharing of information with both engineering and administrative applications to ensure the availability and sharing of coherent, reliable, comprehensive and accurate data.

EDMS is accessible via the Web from the URL: via a Web interface that has been developed as a joint effort between CERN and the Tuovi team at the Helsinki Institute of Physics. The full EDMS functionality is available via CADIM/EDB that is available on NICE and major supported Unix platforms.

Archiving Electronics Designs with EDMS

Electronics engineers at CERN can now archive designs in CERN's Engineering-Data Management System (EDMS). Typically, designers will save and manage two packages of data in EDMS:

  • The complete design directory structure packed into one compressed file ("Container") for reactivation of the design at a later ("as long as it makes sense") stage.
  • Plot (.pdf, HPGL) and text files for viewing/reading throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

In EDMS your data are at a safe place, for longterm storage, yet easily accessible via the Web.

Designers who use the Cadence tools can archive and retrieve their designs "at the push of a button" with "Integrate", an interface that has been introduced recently at CERN. Look at the "INTEGRATE (The Cadence-to-EDMS Interface)" Web page to learn more about Integrate and how you can use it. If you would like to try out the viewing-via-the-Web capability, just follow the example given under the "Viewing" action in the Integrate Quick-Reference Guide.

For the time being, no commercial interface has been found for other tools in use at CERN. Designers can still benefit from EDMS, but have to create "Container" and "viewable" files manually, before entering them into EDMS via the Web interface.

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