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News from the User Support Bookshop

Roger Woolnough and Jutta Megies , IT/User Support


News from the User Support Bookshop.

Since the last CNL we haven't received many new titles although there have been 5 new editions, notably:

  1. Framemaker 6 Classroom in a Book
  2. Running Linux
  3. Linux Network Administration
  4. Unix in a Nutshell
  5. Programming Perl
  6. Unix System Administration Handbook
The ``Unix System Administration Handbook'' has not been updated for a long time and this is almost a complete rewrite. It covers in a tutorial fashion UNIX, Solaris, HP-UX as well as including Red-Hat Linux in this new edition.

New books that have arrived include the book by CERNs James Gillies and Robert Cailliau ``How the web was born'' which naturally is full of information about CERN and it's involvement, an interesting read for all. Another new title added to the collection is the Microsoft Press book ``Inside Windows 2000'' which comes highly recommended from the CERN Win2000 team. For Linux Programmers we have just received from Wrox Press (we are taking an account with this publisher) ``Beginning Linux Programming''. This book is full of useful examples and covers a wide range of topics including Perl, Gnome, Posix and Kernel programming.

Please note that in the past months we have had to adjust the price of some books due to the strength of the dollar. This only effects certain publishers and naturally only happens when we order new stock.

The complete list of books and prices is available as usual at or you can mail us at where we always welcome suggestions for new titles.

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