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Scheduled Reboots of Interactive Services

Tim Smith , IT/PDP


Flushing out accumulated dead processes from interactive nodes with a regular reboot

Interactive services which are heavily used, having a large turnover of sessions, are seen to suffer from a gradual degradation of performance. There are various causes related to the unclean termination of processes, and so we regularly run scripts to try and identify and clean up the interactive machines. Unfortunately these are not wholly successful, and so the only resort is to reboot the nodes from time to time. Now that the number of interactive nodes in public and dedicated services has grown so large this is a major scheduling problem both for system administrators and users.

For all these reasons, we propose to establish a regular schedule of reboots for all CERN central platforms, in the first week of every month, with 50% of every service rebooted on the Monday and 50% on the Wednesday between 06:30 and 07:00.

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