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Software Development Tools Service

Eric Poinsignon , IT/API


Last news and available tools of the SDT service

In SDT service we actively help software projects in CERN experiments to identify, evaluate, purchase and use industrial software development tools. Network floating licences are used as much as possible, so that the tools can be run remotely. We can also, if you have an AFS account, give you access to our Solaris server in case the binary for your platform is not available. You can find the complete information on what we have and how to use it at URL:
Contact e-mail address:

Last news

  • X-Designer new version 5.5 for Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Irix and Tru64. This new version includes Java support for Swing (Java 1.2)
  • SDT web site has been reorganised with a new look & feel, we would appreciate your feedback.
  • The DocSys web (Documentation Systems, featuring support information for Adobe FrameMaker, OverSite and other documentation related issues) has undergone a complete site reorganization and content update.

Catalogue of present tools

Analysis and Design

  • Rose : OMT/Booch/UML analysis and design tool with C++/Java/Ada code generation.
  • StP : OMT/Booch/UML analysis and design with C++ code generation.
Programming and Debugging
  • SNiFF+ : Integrated development environment for C, C++, Java, Fortran and CORBA IDL
Graphical User Interface Builder
  • X-Designer : Interactive X-platform GUI builder with OSF/Motif toolkit widgets, C, JAVA and Windows code generation.
Quality, Metrics and Testing
  • Logiscope Tool Kit : Source code analyser and test coverage for C/C++/Fortran.
  • Look! : C++ dynamic visualization system.
  • Insure++ : Comprehensive tool for error detection in C/C++ programs.
  • CodeWizard : Coding standards enforcement tool that prevents errors and standardize C/C++ code.
  • FrameMaker : Complete and integrated publishing tool.
  • IXgen : Indexing and marker management tools for FrameMaker.
  • SoDA : Software Documentation Automation.
  • VisualThought : Multipurpose drawing, diagramming and flowcharting tool.
  • SDLT (API product): Software Documentation Layout Templates, for FrameMaker.
  • TDR (API product): Technical Design Report, for FrameMaker.
  • UGT (API product): User Guide Templates, for FrameMaker.

About the author(s): Eric Poinsignon is looking after the SDT Service run by IT/API.

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

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