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Change in E-mail Destination for

Nicole Crémel , Miguel Marquina and Roger Woolnough , IT/User Support

While the UCO (User Consultancy Office) used to exist there were several e-mail addresses one could use, e.g.,, etc. With the implementation (in 1999) of the new outsourced Computing Helpdesk within IT, one of the goals was to centralise problem submission via e-mail to, or via telephone to 78888. Dedicated staff at this address register your problems and answer straight-forward queries. More complicated problems are escalated to specific support personnel.

The User Support group within IT co-ordinates Helpdesk operations with the outsourced company. It is now becoming important to differentiate both. For the User Support group we need to have a meaningful mail address. Over the past months users who mail have received an informative message of the change and as of December 1st 2000 mail no longer goes to the Helpdesk automatically.

Usage of the two e-mails and can be therefore summarized as follow:

  • If you require support for a computer related problem please call 78888 or send a mail to; alternatively you can visit our main Helpdesk in building 513 from 8.30-17.30 Monday to Friday, or our satellite desk in building 52 in the morning from 8.30-12.30.
  • Should you wish to contact the User Support group for comments or suggestions on the service you receive at the counter (remember that once problems are escalated they often go to areas over which we have no direct control), we will be pleased to hear from you at e-mail

To understand the functionality of the new helpdesks we recommend you read our articles on this subject, in a previous CNL, "Central Computing Helpdesk - Outlines and Strategy", which sets out the strategy and guidelines, and there is further clarification in the previous article in this CNL. We look forward to hearing your comments.

Just for information, here is the message which was automatically sent back to users sending mail to in the past few weeks:

    This is an automatic informative message
This address is meant for direct communications with the IT
User Support unit. If you meant to address the IT Computing Helpdesk
to submit a query/problem, next time please use:    ext.78888

If this comes from an entry in your personal addressbook, please
modify it accordingly.
Automatic rerouting of Helpdesk requests will be done until
... (so you do not need to send it again).
After that time you should resend your request.

Best Regards, IT-User Support

About the author(s): Miguel Marquina is the Head of the User Support unit in IT. Nicole Crémel and Roger Woolnough are working in this unit and are the CERN responsible for the supervision of operations of the Computing Helpdesk.

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

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