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The End of the VXCERN Service

Tony Cass , IT/TS


The VXCERN service will be shutdown at the end of 2000.


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All good things come to an end and the faithful VXCERN service is no exception. Although VXCERN was a general purpose service for many years, the service has been kept for the past two years only to support LEP data taking activities that were dependent on VMS.

Articles in CNLs 230, 231 and 232 set out the VXCERN shutdown plan, including

The end of LEP data taking has, sadly, now come and so the VXCERN service will be switched off on the morning of January 8th 2001, after this year's annual shutdown. VXCERN users must make sure that any essential files are migrated to other services by December 22nd (as we cannot guarantee services during the shutdown). Recommendations on how to do this for Mail and Home Directory files are given below.

Migrating mail files from VXCERN

We recommend that mail files are migrated to the central mail server. The Pine mail client was made available on VXCERN in 1998 to facilitate this migration and information on how to move mail files using Pine is available at

Migrating Home directory files from VXCERN

We recommend that home directory files are migrated to the AFS service. The easiest way to do this migration is with tar. Information on how to migrate files in this way is available at

Please contact the Computing Helpdesk if you have any problems. (Phone 78888 or email