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Future of CERNLIB

Jürgen Knobloch , IT/API

In the FOCUS meeting of December 2000 the future of CERNLIB was agreed as follows:

"For FORTRAN software (CERNLIB), no new functionality and no ports to new platforms are planned. The final release in spring 2002 will be only on Linux, Solaris, HP and Tru64 UNIX, with maintenance for one more year after that. Limited support will be available until end 2003."

A special agreement for the LEP experiments was presented at the FOCUS meeting of May 2001:

  • Support CERNLIB until end 2003 as previously agreed by FOCUS.
  • Keep "as is" CERNLIB (or an agreed subset), ZEBRA, GEANT 3.21 on Linux "for ever" but with no new code, no user support and no port to IA64. Recompilations will be done for major new Linux versions, but must be tested by the experiments. If the tests fail, the last working frozen version will be kept: this would be the start of a "museum" system.
  • PAW support may be discontinued after 2003 if an appropriate replacement product exists.
  • The CERNLIB build procedure will be further streamlined and documented for the last release in 2002, to allow non-experts to continue building of CERNLIB on Linux.
The complete minutes of the two meetings are at URLs:

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