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LocalTalk Networking End

Mike Gerard , IT/CS


Announcement of the end of support for the interconnection of Apple LocalTalk networks, of old Macintosh computers and Apple LaserWriters, on 1 July 2001 when the interconnecting FastPath routers has been switched off.

As announced in two Computer Newsletter Bulletins last year, on 1 July 2001 we have removed the remaining FastPath routers, which interconnect the standard CERN networking with the LocalTalk networks which allow slow-speed networking of old Apple Macintosh computers and LaserWriters.

All owners of registered Macintosh computers still (possibly) on LocalTalk networks should have received a warning by e-mail at least once during the previous months. In addition, we have tried to identify all LaserWriters still operating on LocalTalk, so that the Printer Support service of IT Division can suggest a suitable upgrade/replacement.

Any persons for whom this action may cause problems should contact the author (Mike Gerard).

About the author(s): Mike Gerard is known as Network troubleshooter!

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

Vol. XXXVI, issue no 2

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