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Reduced Number of Versions of CCDB Tools
(userinfo, userreg, spaceadm)

Tony Osborne , IT/CE and Nilo Segura , IT/DB

Given the reality of falling manpower in IT division we are forced to reduce the variety of our tools. "userinfo" is the CCDB tool which enables users to inspect and partially change personal, email and account information. The client-server versions of "userinfo" are more powerful in terms of functionality and speed than the Web version was, and remove the need for specific registration (only ~ 2% or all users have done this so far), which means another password to remember. Therefore the Web version of "userinfo" is now discontinued. Instead please use one of the following client-server versions:

  • on UNIX: "xuserinfo" on all supported Unix systems (Lxplus, Rsplus, Dxplus, and Solaris systems such as TH_WGS, NA48_WGS).
  • on a PC NICE: From the "CERN phone book":
    • "Change" button on NICE/95/NT (this version is slightly out of date but we hope it will soon be upgraded)
    • "User Info" button on NICE/2000 (this version is recent and if you do not see this option please reboot your PC)

The latest version of "userinfo" (not yet available on NICE/95/NT) displays disk space quota/space used for MAILSERV/AFS and gives the possibility to change individual CORE account UNIX shells (for those users liking a complicated life...).

Failing any of the above, either one of your group administrators or, in case you cannot contact any of them, can make required changes for you. (You can easily find who are your group administrators in the web phone book form, at URL:

Please see for information on the client-server version. Soon the Web URL for "userinfo" will be changed to point to the above help page. Actual registrations for using this tool have been removed.

In the same spirit, in order to minimize the number of "userreg" and "spaceadm" versions to support, the client-server versions of "userreg" and "spaceadm" for group administrators ("xuserreg" and "xspaceadm" on Lxplus, Dxplus, Rsplus, Solaris systems) will soon be withdrawn and we will only provide the Web version.

Currently the Web version is, we believe, quite acceptable using Internet Explorer (but unacceptably slow with Netscape). To solve this problem we will soon provide "userreg" and "spaceadm" versions accessible from an applet viewer from, at least, LXPLUS.

This means that group administrators should soon register for the Web version of "userreg" and "spaceadm" following the instructions given from the starting page of the client-server version of "userreg" on UNIX systems ("xuserreg"). If you fail to do this in the next few weeks you will have to request that you be registered for the Web version to

The CCDB tools are not available from HPPLUS since this service is 'frozen' at HP/UX 10 and the Oracle software is not compatible with this version of the O/S.

The Web version of "userreg" is available via:

and the Web version of "spaceadm" is available via

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