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Engineering Applications on Windows 2000
- Availability Planning -

John Evans , IT/CE

The planned availability dates for all engineering programs installed by IT/CE group under NICE 2000 can be found at:

Please make sure that all programs you need are available before you migrate to NICE 2000.

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12 November 2001

Engineering Applications on Windows 2000

WARNING - Please ensure that ALL your required applications are available before migrating to Windows 2000!
The "Expected Availability" dates are liable to change!

Information and support for engineering applications at CERN
How to install programs on Win2000

CAE Grouping Engineering Application Manufacturer Expected Availability (Week *) Control Panel Add Programs
Electronics Inspect 1.1 CAE Consulting 24 Available
PCAD 2001 Altium 41 Available
PSpice Cadence 35 Available
Simplorer 4.2 Ansoft 42 Available
Timing Designer Cronology 50
Mathematics Axum 6 Mathsoft 24 Available
MathCAD 2001 Mathsoft 33 Available
Mathematica 4.1 Wolfram 22 Available
Matlab 6 R12 Mathworks 25 Available
VisSim 4.5 Mathsoft 46
Mechanics AutoCAD 2002 AutoDesk 46 Available
Structural Analysis and Field Calculation Ansys 5.7 Ansys 22 Available
Cetim 2.03 Cetim 44 Available
Design Space Ansys 46
Esacomp 2.0 Componeering 46
MicroWave Studio 3 CST 25 Available
Superfish 6.03 Los Alamos Labs 35 Available
Other Tools Cadim 2.3 Eigner + Partner 25 Available
CEHSM CERN 20 Available
CESTAT CERN 25 Available
HPGL View 5.01 CERN 22 Available
LabVIEW Please see
See 3000 IGE+XAO 50
Tracelec TRACELEC 47
Visio 2002 Available - provided by IT/IS
VoloView Express 1.14 Autodesk 27 Available
WorkView 1.2.C Delta Concept 22 Available

* These dates assume that there are no problems with software availability, or compatibility issues with CERN Win2k systems.

For matters related to this article please contact the author.

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