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On-Line Isotope Separator ISOLDE is a facility dedicated to the production of a large variety of radioactive ion beams for a number of different experiments in the fields of nuclear and atomic physics, solid-state physics, life sciences and material science. The facility is located at the Proton Synchroton Booster (PSB) of CERN. Physics at ISOLDE is pursued in several directions. The results obtained have implications for the basic understanding of the structure of the atomic nucleus, but also for related fields like nuclear astrophysics and weak-interaction physics. The possibility of pure radioactive implants opens acess, to the investigation of problems in solid-state physics.
Currently, the work is going on in accelerating radioactive ions further to energies high enough for nuclear reactions to occur. This experiment called REX-ISOLDE is starting its operation this year and will address novel phenomena predicted to occur in extreme neutron-rich isotopes of light elements and astrophysical processes.
At the end of the presentation the future of the ISOLDE facility will be discussed with a special emphasis on the potential synergies at CERN.

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