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For many years the dominant database technology has been the relational model, as implemented in products such as Oracle (deployed at CERN for nearly 20 years), Microsoft Access and Open Source packages such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.
More recently, systems referred to as Object Databases, e.g. Objectivity/DB, also deployed at CERN, or Object-Relational systems, have challenged the dominance of pure Relational systems.
Given this wide spectrum of systems, from Open Source to commercial, from pure Relational, through Object-Relational to pure Object, how does one chose the most appropriate technology for the task at hand?
Database technology includes data mining; the discovery of hidden facts contained in databases. The techniques such as statistical analysis, modelling techniques to finds patterns and subtle relationships in data and infers rules that allow the prediction of future results will be covered.
The proposed lectures will start with a brief overview / definition of the various technologies followed by some guidelines for choosing the most appropriate system for a number of tasks. Finally, the evolution of mainstream database management systems over the past few years will be given, together with predictions for the future.

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