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After giving an introduction to the hardware and programming of micro computers for the surveillance and control of processes in a real-time mode the term "real-time system" and the hardware structures typical for such systems will be discussed in detail.
A major point of focus is the critical assessment of optimal hard- and software solutions for a given simple problem related to the handling or real-time processes. The lecture may be subdivided into five parts:

  1. Definition of "real-time processes".
  2. Realisiation of real-time systems.
  3. Hardware for real-time systems.
  4. Interrupt handling.
  5. Programming of real-time systems.
This lecture is neither a training course on PLCs or other peripheral devices, nor will it favour a particular type of software or operating system. It will, however, try to give in-depth knowledge about how real-time process control can best be conceived. In understanding the basic requirements for real-time process control the attendee of the lectures may better assess real-time process control that is about to be purchased or proposed for a particular installation or process.

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